My Second Post: A Tribute to My Bride to Be

    The date is Wednesday the 13th, the time 6:16 PM Hawaiian time, 9:16 PM Mountain Standard. As I type, my mother is driving our overly plush rental SUV through a rain forest. It’s raining, obviously, and the roads are dazzling. I feel like I’ve crawled into J.R.R Tolkeins fantasy vacation. An angsty jungle, with greenery and waterfalls to my left, the ocean to my right. Vines ensnare their companion trees in what I imagine is a complimentary relationship. Bordering the roadway are rock walls, bearing similarity to those I’d likely see in Ireland. Rain pitter-patters, sometimes gently, sometimes with a harsh bite. It feels like we’re on a quest for survival. The big journey: survive this rainy cliffside drive. We are at war with the road and all the other external forces threatening us and our overly plush SUV. That’s similar to the plot of Lord of the Rings, right? . . . . .Right?

   During my introduction in my last blog post, I neglected to outline one key aspect of Nathaniel. I am plagued, or arguably blessed, by anxiety. As we drive along this rainy cliffside, sometimes feet from plunging onto a rocky beach, my stomach is churning. My mortality is tangible and I’m left wondering, “what if.” To be frank, typing this blog is a way of coping with this anxiety and distracting myself from the cliff to my right, and the puddles beneath that snag our rear wheel drive SUV. This specific blog post isn’t designated for a discussion on anxiety; however, mental illness WILL be a subject of discussion in later blog posts. I digress.

   Since this post is being uploaded near Valentines day, I figured it’d be fitting to write about the lovely Megan Leanne Campbell. I suppose I’ll start by introducing her and go from there. Scatterbrained as I am, I’ll meander through this story like this coastal road, taking sharp turns at points, and more subtle turns at others. Since my relationship plays such a profound role in my life, I can’t condense every aspect of it into one blog post. This isn’t a complete synopsis of our relationship, but rather a short summary and a celebration as I celebrate my second valentines day with the magnificent soon to be Miss Metzger.

   If I could describe Megan and I’s relationship with two words, it’d be these: Patience and Perseverance. In hindsight, Megan has been very gracious and patient with me, and I’ve been very gracious and patient with her as we’ve struggled through this messy world together. We’ve persevered, and are endlessly learning how to grow through things like financial woes, mental illnesses, unforeseeable situations, struggles with friends, and so forth. She’s been a wonderful companion through everything that has come our way. Through sickness and health, fights and conversations, she’s my best friend.

   For those of you that don’t know Green Megs and Ham well, I’d like to take a moment to describe her. I turn twenty in less than a month. She’ll remain 19 until September, so frankly, she’s a cougar. If you’re reading this, don’t kill me babe… While she is indeed a youngun, I’m so proud of the mature, adult decisions she’s made. E.g. moving into an apartment on her own at a young age. Persevering her college program, despite the messy dynamics and dramatic cosmetology culture. And faithfully bettering herself, upholding a high moral compass in a world that has seemingly disregarded morality. These are just a few examples of Megan’s adult decisions.

   When I met Megan she was borderline agnostic but dabbling with Buddhism. This should’ve scared me off, but I saw a light in her. A potential. This tangible connection, and I knew, she’d come around to the Truth. Disclaimer!! I’m not afraid of people that hold different beliefs. I do not harness negative thoughts against them, for that’d be futile and counteractive to the core meaning of my belief system. I do however believe that a relationship can only thrive when you are like-minded regarding religion. Division is not a healthy foundation to build a relationship upon.

   There I go, meandering from the topic at hand. Let’s draw it back in. Nearly half a year after Megan and I met, after faithfully attending church, she accepted the Lord. This was a joyous day for me, and I’m so proud of all the positive changes that have occurred in her life. She’s gone from a depressed, self-medicating individual, to a girl toggling school, a job, wedding planning, and dealing with me! Holy Moly, she’s killing it!

   She’s a little shorter than me, and she has a figure resembling that of a magazine model. She has a subtle yet profound face, which grows even more delightful when her lips curve upwards into a smile. Hearing her laugh is synonymous with joy itself. It’s a great delight to hear a loved one laugh. She has stunning hazel eyes, that are teeming with life and stories to tell, and the cutest damn nose you ever did see. Megan has a heart of gold filled with apathy and empathy for a struggling world. Furthermore, she has a sense of humor that brightens even the gloomiest of days. (I should tell you guys about her little penny prank she pulled on me.) Her innocent disposition oftentimes leads her to be gullible, rendering her the perfect candidate for pranks. Megan is intricately created, and it’s my pleasure learning new things about her, and finding new quirks about her personality.

   Like me, she’s a big fan of sitcoms and Marvel movies. We love to sit down and just watch movies together. One point where we differ greatly is how we enjoy a movie. Megan likes to sit and offer her commentary throughout the entire movie. I like to sit and get lost in the visuals and plot, then discuss afterwards. As you readers can imagine, this has been the subject of many fits of shouting. Kidding, we manage that issue pretty well. #couplesthatwatchavengerstogethersticktogether. We’re both team Cap, although we’re also big IronMan fans.

   My beautiful bride to be is also quite the adventure partner. We love traveling and exploring our state and beyond. Our honeymoon destination: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, is one of our favorite topics of discussion. It brings us great joy and delight knowing that we’ll be immersed as a newlywed couple in the rich Mexican culture, as we explore the Riviera Maya.

   Since I want to retain my readers attention spans, I must begin to conclude this post. Like all good blog posts, I’m going to redirect your attention to how this blog was introduced. I will bring this blog full circle, and conclude with this. Relationships are like the Tolkeinesque Hawaiian road we were driving on. Worth the plunge for the destination, filled with ebbs and flows, meandering and turning, and most importantly, beautiful at every corner. I hope you enjoyed the first of many tributes to the magnificent Megan Leanne. Expect many more lifestyle and relationship blogs in the future. Thanks for reading. As you go about your day, I pray the Lord will fill you with the love of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Your blog quote is this, “To every word of love I heard you whisper, the raindrops seem to play a sweet refrain.” – The Beatles!

Your blog post song recommendation is a fitting one for the idea of ebbing and flowing, seasons changing. It is, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by The Byrds

The real way to spell Jeff is Geophf

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