The Blog Begins…

Quite a few months back, at about 2 in the morning, I had aspirations to make a blog. Fueled by caffeine and a spontaneous sense of ambition, I purchased the web address, “” Since that night, I’ve lost that ambition. There have been times where I’ve thought to myself, “Hey, Nat, you purchased this website URL, are you going to do something about it?” But that little sloth that resides in all of us has been incredibly active lately. I’ve been lazy in my approach towards school, chores around the house, and – until recently, my approach regarding personal and emotional health.

Where do I even begin? How does one write a blog? What does one write about? Agh!! I’m bursting with things to write about! Do I write about my past, my ambitions, my beliefs, my politics? I suppose, the cordial thing to do would be to introduce myself. So that’s precisely what I’ll do for my first blog post.

Whenever I introduce myself, I always introduce myself as Nathaniel Bodhisattva Metzger. Bodhisattva is pronounced Bodizafa. This introduction aggravates my mother, as per the fact that my middle name isn’t actual Bodizafa. It’s Bodie….. BUT, the origins of my middle name do indeed point towards a firm foundation for me claiming the middle name of Bodizafa.

Ready for the backstory of my middle name? If your answer was no, that’s quite unfortunate, because we’re going to delve into the origins regardless. Prepare yourself; this theology, if you would, of my middle name has deep roots.
It all began when my old man was a wee lad. Growing up in the Inland Empire of California, he was introduced to the stoner surfer culture at a young age. Naturally, this led to the original ‘Point Break,’ being his favorite film. You know the one…That iconic R film that more likely than not set a world record for dropping more F-bombs than any R film that had preceded it. The one that featured such iconic actors as Gary Busey and Keanu Reeves. More iconic however, was the role of a long-haired Patrick Swasey. Swasey played the role of leader of a rag tag group of presidential bank robbers. Patrick Swasey’s character was named BodhiSattva.

That’s it. That’s the blog. KIDDING. There’s still more to this extravagant backstory of my middle name. Beyond the fact that it was the name of my dads unwholesome, Hollywood role model during childhood, there’s a meaning behind the name that I claim. In the Hindu tradition, and no, I do not share Hindu beliefs, but we’re veering from the point now. Back on track. Bodhi Sattva stands for enlightened one. It may be cocky to claim the title of enlightened one, but I can, and I will!

Since this has grown into quite the introduction, I’ll only bore you with my name once more. My first name, Nathaniel, in the Biblical tradition means, gift of God. Who are we kidding, I lucked out with my first two names. Then…there’s Metzger. Metzger means butcher in German. So I’m a gift of God, the ‘enlightened one,’ and a butcher. Nifty.

It’s time we move on.

I’m just realizing, there’s a lot that goes into making a cohesive introduction of yourself.

We’ve already established that my name is, contrary to the belief of some, Nathaniel Bodizafa Metzger. Now that this is established, I can move on without losing sleep at night at the thought of one not knowing the story behind my name. I get chills just thinking about the idea of starting a blog any other way.

From birth to this very moment, I’ve grown up in a small town in rural-ish Utah. Price, UT, population roughly 10,000, has been the birthing place of many joyous moments and victories in my life. It’s also been the breeding ground of much woe, suffering, and emotional turmoil. I’m a member of a 5 person platonic family. My family has oftentimes been extended through the welcomed addition of foreign exchange students.

I’m currently happily engaged to the beautiful Megan Leanne Campbell. She’s my best friend and a light in a dark world. At the moment of writing this blog post I’m on a week long trip to Hawaii for a previous foreign exchange students wedding reception. I’m excited for the opportunity to spend time with family but I will miss my fiancé dearly. One of my goals of this blog is to discuss difficult dynamics with my family, as we grow in our community of family, as well as how Megan and I have grown in our relationship.

Our small town is primarily Caucasian with a strong Hispanic influence. Many other minorities don’t have a strong representation in Carbon county; however, just past the mountain pass there is a great community of minorities in Salt Lake City. Like many rural communities in the United States, our community is plagued by the vicious Opidemic. I have strong feelings regarding this topic, and It’ll most certainly be discussed on this blog at some point.
From birth to now, I’ve been a member of Price Chapel. Multiple times in my journey through life, I’ve questioned or outright denied faith in God. All of my struggles with the Divine have allowed me to form what is a considerably strong relationship with the Lord. My faith has influenced my life, and one of the goals of this blog is to influence the lives of others through my encounters with Jesus. The group of churches I affiliate with strives to, “Find and Follow Jesus Together.” This is an admirable goal and one I aim to achieve.

Topics that are near and dear to my heart that’ll be discussed in the future are God, politics, music, mental illness, relationships, growth, movies, general commentary, and my insight as I navigate this messy world alongside the rest of us.

To wrap the first of many blog posts, I’d like to conclude with this quote. “Crooked Sticks draw straight lines, just look at me.” – Andy Mineo

Your NattyThoughts song recommendation is, Felix Culpa by Kings Kaleidoscope. This band is one of the greatest Christian bands known to man.

Thanks for reading! All feedback is welcomed through personal communication or the comments section below! Thanks! As you go about your day, may the love of the Father be with you all.
This one’s for my fiance, Megan Leanne Campbell, who inspires me daily to express myself through creative means. I love you girlie! –

The real way to spell Jeff is Geophf

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